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Salifert® Phosphate PO4 Profi Test

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Salifert® Phosphate PO4 Profi Test for the exact determination of the phosphate content

Phosphate testing and removal

Phosphate has several negative effects if it is present in too high a concentration. First of all, it can lead to undesirable algae growth. This makes an aquarium an unpleasant sight.

Phosphate also blocks or retards the growth of corals and calcareous red algae.

One of the scientific studies shows that a phosphate concentration of more than 0.05 mg/L reduces the growth of calcareous red algae by 90%! Salifert® Phosphate Po4 Profi helps to detect these concentrations.

Washing down fish food, which is a rich source of phosphates after thawing in a sieve, reduces the phosphate input enormously. Avoiding phosphate-rich low-grade activated carbon also helps keep phosphate levels as low as possible. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that activated carbon be tested for phosphate prior to use.

Elevated concentrations of phosphate can be removed with the liquid phosphate eliminator or the highly effective granular phosphate killer. Both also reduce levels of silicates and organics and adsorb toxic heavy metals.

Salifert® Phosphate Po4 Profi can of course also be used to measure Po4 in freshwater tanks. Here, too, a low value is the be-all and end-all of a good water balance (algae growth).


Since phosphate in concentrations above 0.05 mg/L can have serious consequences, a test kit should be able to detect even lower concentrations.

The Salifert® Phosphate Po4 Profi already detects 0.015 mg/L phosphate within seconds. This makes the phosphate measurement very reliable and informative, so that measures can be taken in time. Approx. 50 measurements can be carried out with the kit.