Reptile Systems D3 Basking Lamp 70-160W - UVB Mercury Vapor Lamp

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Reptile Systems D3 Basking Lamp

Reptile Systems Nano D3 Basking Lamp - UVB Mercury Vapor Lamps

NOTE: This light has a high UV radiation >> 2 mW/klm and is only approved for use in the terrarium/bird cage sector.

E2725° AbstrahlwinkelUVAUVBIR100% getestet

The Reptile System D3 Basking Lamp 70W is the optimal heat and UV source for healthy and vital terrarium inhabitants.

In the terrarium, the Reptile System D3 Basking Lamp should be combined with the Light Bar T5 aluminium, beams to provide basic terrarium lighting.
The Reptile System D3 Basking Lamp is inexpensive and can be operated without ballast. A heat-resistant E27 ceramic socket should be used as the Reptile Systems Clamp Lamp, Clamp Lamp Black or Ceramic Lamp Holder. When installing in the terrarium, please make sure that the inhabitants of the terrarium cannot burn themselves at the lamp. In order to optimally supply the inhabitants of the terrarium with the vital UV radiation, the mixed light lamp must be replaced after 12 months at the latest.
When using the Reptile System D3 Basking Lamp, a distance of approx. 15-100cm from the animal must be maintained, depending of selected product and animal you have.
The recommended distances are only guide values, the intensity of the UV radiation can be measured e.g. with a SolarMeter 6.2 or 6.5.

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