Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar 34W 570mm RAJDP3X

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Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar 34W 570mm

High power LEDs selected by and exclusive to Arcadia Reptile for optimum results. Wide abstral of even light, no pen spots, no "purple tint" from separate red and blue diodes. Efficient heat sink, helping to extend the life of high power LEDs with built-in protection circuits. Over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-heating protection, short-circuit protection.

  • Full spectrum LEDs
  • High PAR, PUR, CRI
  • 138 lumens per watt
  • Linkable
  • Can be linked with ProT5
  • Complete kit
  • 6200K
  • Suitable for all terrariums covered with gauze


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The Arcadia Reptile JungleDawn LED beam is slim, bold, powerful and able to provide the energy needed to grow plants and provide active sunlight for dry species by increasing the level of visible light in terrariums and vivariums. This clever system uses the latest "full-spectrum high output" LED diodes to produce up to 141 lumens per watt. Place one on a mesh or fit it in an enclosure, wherever you use yours, JungleDawn-LED Bar provides high quality, high energy light.

With a specially designed mix of full-spectrum, high-output LEDs, we've created an LED bar that can project a large amount of light with a very high PAR value. JungleDawn LED Bar projects a full-spectrum light that mimics visible natural sunlight (6200kelvin) along the 'Photosynthetic Active Response Curve', but without using PAR that limits the individual red and blue diodes. As a result, the JungleDawn-Pro fixture has high PAR, high PUR, high CRI and no unnatural 'purple tint'.

Arcadia JungleDawn-LED Bar can be easily connected to form a chain of up to 10 units. It can also be connected to Arcadia Reptile 'ProT5' UV-B systems, reducing the number of outlets required per enclosure. Each unit comes with a power cord with integrated switch and a mounting kit that allows you to mount this bar in a terrarium, as well as a link cable. JungleDawn-LED Bar can be used with all standard 'Mesh Top' terrariums, 12"/30cm, 18"/45cm, 24"/60cm, 36"/90cm wide.

Arcadia Reptile JungleDawn-LED Bar uses a three track LED configuration with a high degree of built-in internal protection. JungleDawn-LED Bar projects a very wide, uniform and usable "flood" of energy-intensive illumination, eliminating the risks associated with "point" LED lights. This LED system will both increase visible light for terrestrial baskers and provide the energy that plants need to grow. JungleDawn-LED Bar produces a large amount of light, reducing the need to use a large number of plant growth lamps.

Plants need access to the right amount of energy and in the right spectrum of light to replace cells that are either damaged or dying naturally each day. When we underexcite a plant, we reduce its ability to produce cells through photosynthesis, which limits growth. Typically, plants that lack energy show discolored leaves and tend to "close up" when they grow rapidly upward to be closer to a light source. Healthy plants show good color, strong root networks, and grow uniformly at a moderate pace.

PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) is the measurement used to quantify and describe the amount of energy produced by a light source. PAR values are increased by two elements within the lighting and these are: 1. the amount of light (lumens/lux),
2. accuracy of the spectrum.
If a lamp produces light in a spectrum close to that of natural sunlight and a high quantity (lumen output)

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Référence fabricantRAJDP3X
Délai de livraison2-5 jours ouvrables (lundi-vendredi) différent à l'étranger
Envoi par camionaucun
Espèces animalesReptiles/Oiseau
Technical Details

PAR: 226/300mm
Ra: 80
R9 (Red): 0

Lumen: 5587
Spannung: 230V/50Hz
Leistung: 34W
kW/1000Std: 37,64

PAR: 226/300mm
Ra: 80
R9 (Red): 0

Lumen: 5587
Spannung: 230V/50Hz
Leistung: 34W
kW/1000Std: 37,64

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