Maxspect ICV6 WiFi Controller für ETHEREAL,RECURVE, RSX; TURBINE Duo oder GYRE Pumpen

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Maxspect ICV6 Controller to control Maxspect LED and pumps

The ICV6 controller, allows you to control new and future Maxspect products using a smartphone or tablet and the Maxspect SYNA-G application.

Only one ICV6 controller is required to control Maxspect products. Whether for LED luminaires: ETHEREAL, RECURVE, RSX, or the TURBINE DUO pumps or GYRE flow pumps. This unique ICV6 controller thus avoids any interference problems between your different devices with a simple and convenient installation.

Once you have the ICV6 controller, simply install the Maxspect SYNA-G app for Android or iOS on your smartphone or tablet and start controlling and programming your LED fixture and Maxspect pumps.

At least one ICV6 controller is required to operate and program Maxspect products.