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Fascination Aquaristics - Discover aquariums without a base cabinet or as an aquarium combination for the dream of a dazzling underwater world within your own four walls at Aqua-Terra24

Aquariums hold an incredible fascination for many people. On the one hand, there are the colorful, iridescent fish that leisurely swim their laps. On the other hand, there is something mysterious about the underwater world that wants to be explored. Furthermore, aquariums have the ability to be used for relaxation in a holistic living concept. The silence that emanates from the underwater world and the gentle movements of the fish can reduce stress levels and have a positive effect on the human autonomic nervous system.

Who is an aquarium combination suitable for?

With a modern aquarium combination or aquarium without a base cabinet, you can bring the dream of an attractive underwater world into your own four walls. They can be integrated into the living space in a variety of designs and qualify as attractive furnishings. They allow creative designs, offer interesting views of the underwater world and invite daily observation. People who have a hobby of aquatic animals and plants will also enjoy an aquarium combination or aquariums without a base cabinet.

Why buy an aquarium combination from Aqua-Terra24&nbsp?

In our online store you will find state-of-the-art aquariums in the form of an aquarium combination. As an expert in aquaristics, we have set uniform quality standards for our aquariums, against which our products are measured. In contrast to aquariums without a base cabinet, an aquarium combination from our company comes as a holistic system in which all individual components are perfectly coordinated. Above all, safety plays a major role in aquariums, as a leak would have fatal consequences for the living space. Thanks to our holistic systems, you can be sure that your fish and living space will always be well 

What aquarium creatures can aquariums from Aqua-Terra24 serve as a home for?

You can give fish, snails, shrimps and other microorganisms a new home in our aquariums. But the many different aquatic plants are also very attractive. In most cases, it is a combination of animals and plants that really brings the underwater world to life.

Which living space is suitable for aquariums from Aqua-Terra24?

Our aquariums fit organically into every conceivable living space. As they have a very modern design, they harmonize particularly well with contemporary interiors. While aquariums without a base cabinet can be integrated individually, those with a base cabinet can complement the furniture in an attractive way. This means that even an unused corner can be used perfectly and the room is immersed in a very special atmosphere.

What features characterize aquariums from Aqua-Terra24 ?

The operation of the aquariums is extremely quiet, so that the wellness character can be taken into account immediately. In addition, modern filter basins are integrated and equipped with an automatic refill function. The water level can be adjusted as required. Replaceable filter bags complete the fine filter area. The refill tank is transportable so that you can remain flexible. In addition, our aquariums have an integrated emergency overflow.

Most base cabinets come as a kit and can be easily assembled in just a few simple steps. It is equipped with a&nbspsafety tray&nbsp. Optimum ventilation is also ensured. Mechanical and biological filters as well as filter media can be accommodated in the clear water chambers. The under-cabinet filter is completed by a pre-filter chamber. The doors are equipped with attractive soft-close technology and are easy to open and close. Elegant shaft covers made of glass and polished edges provide a visual finish 

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