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Dr. Tim Algae Control For Your Tank Marine by Aquarium Systems 30 days Programm

30 Tage Start Programm für Meerwasser
Why do you get cyanobacteria and/or algae? Because there are nutrients in the water and no competitors to remove those nutrients before they are consumed by the cyano or algae.
Who are the competitors and where are they? They are bacteria and the fact is the unintended consequence of your protein skimmer/UV/Ozone is that they remove bacteria from the water but do nothing to cyano and algae that are attached to the surfaces of your tank.

We offer Sets for 100-150L, 200-300L, 300-450L and 400-600L Aquarium Size

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The long-term solution to cyano/algae problems is adding competitors back to your system that can consume the nutrients and then removing those organisms, thereby remove
the nutrients from the system.
We recommend using our Cyanobacteria & Algae Control program to achieve this goal.
We are combining a range of bacteria that will knock back the cyano/algae and then they will add back competitors that will remove the nutrients.
Next we use the skimmer to remove the bacteria thereby removing the nutrients.
Just follow the daily program to give back all the nutrients to your tank.
Start the program with the first vial and then use easy to follow guide to achieve fantastic results.
Once your cyano/algae problem is solved, we strongly advise you to use our Maintenance Program, which will then result in a tank free cyano & algae.

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