Arcadia Solar Basking Floodlight 50-150W

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Arcadia Solar Basking Floodlight 50-150W used to increase ambient temperature

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This light source is only approved for use in the terraristic field and serves 95% as a heat source

- Warm colour output


The Arcadia Basking Solar Flood lamp is available in 50, 75, 100 and 150 Watts and will provide ambient heat to an enclosure as a wide flood source. 

The Arcadia Basking Solar Flood lamp has an inviting warm colour and uses standard E27 fittings. 
Designed to provide a good quality of heat and can be used with a thermostatic controller, these lamps produce essential supplementary UVA to aid wellbeing and colour vision and should be used alongside a species appropriate Arcadia Reptile UVB system.

According to our own opinion and measurements, the UVA values are hardly worth mentioning. However, this applies to ALL manufacturers of such products.
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